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I decided to update my bio and deter from a cookie-cutter, Linkedin appropriate profile 👋

So, where should I start? Perhaps, really what changed my perspective in life came down to one decisive moment. A magazine internship at 16 years-old. A magazine internship that should have lasted two weeks. A magazine internship that I applied to, just because I was desperate for placement before my teacher pressures me for an answer. 

How did I land that magazine gig? Well, while I was having a burger with my mom, I saw a magazine lying around the corner, and that pretty much sealed the deal. Emailed them with sweaty, nervous palms and somehow gotten a reply. 

I ended up staying there for on and off 8 months? I'm talking Christmas, Easter, summer breaks, you name it. Whatever free day I had, I went to the office and did whatever editorial chore was available. 

Even before entering university, I was already exposed to various internships and side jobs, which I continued to do so while in art school.   

Reflecting on my career now at 29, I could proudly say that I have done a lot, but yet there's more that I want to do and refine. 

Having worn many hats, from representing brands as their PR rep to fashion styling, writing blogs and magazine features, and producing videos. I now have a sense of clarity of what I feel comfortable calling myself - a content creator. 

What fuels me is to be behind the lens and take part in orchestrating an image - for a person, for a brand, for a larger entity. 

With a solid of ten+ years of work experience across luxury-, mass-, and startup environments, mainly with fashion and lifestyle brands, I believe that I have carved a voice for myself. For businesses, I wish to offer both my creative visions and commerce sensibilities to enrich your organisation. 

For commissions and other forms of collaborations, kindly email me at or by mobile/Whatsapp +852 9139-2177 

Client Highlights: 5Preview, A Magazine, Cheap Monday, Hashtag Legend, JW Marriott, Khaore, L'Officiel Malaysia, Lululemon, Neuw, Pedder Group, and SWIMS. 

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